The Yellow Submarine



Imagination, in the music and art industry is an important factor.  How could the Beatles have written most of their songs without it?  It is the key component to creating something original or different from what is already out there.

Imagination + Your style + some skill + determination = creativity and unique ability

Of course when you look at Yellow Submarine and Lucy in the sky with diamonds the Beatles were probably taking something a little extra to help them with their weird imagination!  It is said that Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds  is the  pseudonym for the drug LSD.  That said, there are plenty of writers and artists who don’t need to succumb to the world of drugs to become creative.

The surrealists such as Salvador Dali created some very unusual pieces of work!  You could never doubt that Dali was blessed with a vivid imagination.  He was also a sculptor, scenographer, filmmaker, jewelry designer, and writer.   Was he a genius, born super talented or is it down to sheer hard work that artists like Dali, famous Scientists, Musicians, authors writers outshine their peers in their chosen field?

According to Michael Barber of Psychology today:  Genius may be a comforting fiction. For it helps explain why most of us do not achieve at the highest level in our chosen field: we are not geniuses. The trouble is that there is little compelling evidence in psychology for any such latent superiority. The concept of the genius may be comforting to the rest of us. Yet, it remains a fiction.

So, do we make excuses for not pursuing our own creativity in whatever field that maybe?  I think perhaps we do.  I do appreciate, however, that we may have a predisposition to following certain genre’s in the creative world.  Child musicians usually have a family connection to music and are exposed to it from a very early age, even in the womb!  So called child prodigy’s such as Picasso who showed incredible aptitude in his drawing skills at a very young age was the son of an Art Professor.  His father regularly sat with him and taught him how to draw.  Perhaps encouragement and motivation should be thrown in the equation that I developed above:

Imagination + Your style + some skill + determination + encouragement + motivation = creativity and  unique ability





Salvador Dali – Born in Figueres Spain in  1904







Persistence of Memory – Salvador Dali – 1931


So how do we all fit into “The Yellow Submarine”?    As adults we are totally responsible for ourselves and our own lives.  This is it.  It is not a rehearsal and so if there is a burning desire which you have ignored for so long through fear or self doubt then perhaps the time is right to consider giving it a go!  It’s that simple.  Start a hobby, and see where it may lead.


Jude Selfie


“Not Perfectly Me”   Selfie by Jude because

I’m not perfect but I am unique and so are you!


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Still doubtful?  Read this excerpt from Elephant Journal: by George Coyne


“Compared to the great vastness of the cosmos, the ocean of deep time, individual existence is a blip,
a bubble in the foam on the surface of a flowing river. We are a momentary arrangement of atoms and molecules, an arrangement that lives and moves, to be sure,—an arrangement that thinks, laughs, appreciates beauty, dreams, and loves—but a mere arrangement nonetheless, a transient state, an ephemeral gathering.

Soon the blip will go out, the bubble will pop, the arrangement will dissolve, molecular bonds released by entropy. Consciousness will cease. But the molecules that once were you will still exist. The atoms that made up your body—iron, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, all the heavy elements forged in the crucibles of dying stars—will remain. Liberated from their temporary home, they will rejoin the rest of the planet, taking new shapes, finding new arrangements, becoming part of other life.

You will become merged with everything. You will become part of the trees that grow wherever your ashes are scattered, joining the ecosystem of the forest. You will be in the slow green heartwood of the trunks as they patiently tick off the centuries, in the buds that burst forth in spring and in the leaves that explode with color in autumn.

You will be the sparkle of sunlight on the surface of a flowing mountain stream. You will sink into the earth and mix with the groundwater, eventually flowing back and rejoining the ocean where all life on this planet ultimately began. You will be in the waves that crash on the shore, in the warm sheltered tidal pools, in the coral reefs that bloom with life, and in the depths that echo with whale songs.

You will be subducted into the planet’s core and join the three-hundred-million-year cycle of the continental plates.

You will rise into the sky and, in the fullness of time, become dispersed throughout the atmosphere, until every breath will contain part of you.

And billions of years from now, when our sun swells and blasts the Earth’s atmosphere away, you will be there, streaming into space to rejoin the stars that gave your atoms birth. And perhaps some day, billions of years yet beyond that, on some distant planet beneath bright alien skies, an atom that once was part of you will take part in a series of chemical reactions that may ultimately lead to new life—life that will in time leave the sea that gave it birth, crawl up onto the beach, and look up into the cosmos and wonder where it came from.

And the cycle will begin again.”

~ Fr. George Coyne, C.S.J., Retired Vatican Astronomer



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