Get Your Creative Juices Flowing!

Get Your Creative Juices Flowing!

Exercise 2 – Research





Use a camera (your mobile phone camera is absolutely fine for this exercise) and whilst out and about or at home start taking pictures of patterns, shapes, reflections and interesting angles.   Photography helps you to tune into your observational skills.  You begin to see the world differently.  You must persevere, it sometimes doesn’t happen straight away but the more you look and experiment with the camera the more you will see.  Zoom in, look up, look down, look all around.  Think of your eyes as a camera lens and get close up to trees, leaves, buildings, shop windows.  When at home, look closely at the shapes of fruit and vegetables when you cut them up.  The world is full of fascinating imagery.  We often miss out because we often can take things around us for granted.

Here are some examples from my photography archives when I was researching for my degree:


  Interesting combination of reflections in this gallery shop window.



                                                           And looking from the inside out.




The Baltic Art Gallery

                                                               Looking Up at the Baltic Art Gallery, Gateshead – interesting angles.




Picture 037

                                                             Beautiful vibrant yellow tones in a Restaurant Display with these peppers.



Sculpture through car windscreen

                                                             Sculpture shape and below car lights taken through rainy car windscreen.


curly bark 1

                                                               Curly bark and patterns in Hamsterley Forest


Pine Cone

                                                          Look at the orderly design of this pine cone.



Ghostly dog

                                               This dog dashing through the woods makes a mysterious image.



These images below were taken with my mobile phone camera at home in my studio on the day I was working on this tutorial to show you how spontaneous you can be and still get results (sometimes, not always of course!!!)


Notebook and pen20150511_150557



Notepad and pen                                                                             Tea towel on Clothes Airer                                                             Reflections in crystal door knob



Now my friends, it’s over to you.   Go and get started and take some images.  I think you will surprise yourself at how creative you actually are.  Please let me see some of them.  I’m sure the ones you are happy with you will be dying to show off!


As always please leave your comments and photos.

Happy Clicking!


Jude 🙂





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